New Year's Update
Our first update in the new 2006 year! We've extended and updated the about section. Also we've got some new media to show. Here's a new Hedgehog vehicle concept provided by Qma:
You can read new, more detailed vehicle descriptions in the updated about section.
Recently we've had a lot of progress which is not visible on the website. We managed to solve some networking problems and our net graph is getting smaller all the time. Also there has been work going on with our Chaos 126p model and it should appear soon.
We've been interviewed by the Polish site You can check out the interview (in Polish) here.
A new D.I.P.R.I.P. interview at Ozone-11
We have been interviewed by oLi the webmaster from

Ozone-11: Do you plan on giving us more media updates etc?

Yes, we are planning to update our web page on a regular basis. We also have some new ideas for presenting our game content on our web page. Now we are preparing for a large update to the about and media sections, so stay tuned...

Check out the full interview here.
D.I.P.R.I.P. Interview
We have been interviewed by BlueWolf72 from

BlueWolf72: Explain to everyone what the DIPRIP is? How was the name DIPRIP chosen?

DIPRIP is simply an abbreviation of "die in pain rest in peace". It was an old saying of our team member Qma who is our concept artist. We knew what our mod would be about before we had a name for it. After a long brainstorm diprip was the best choice. We encourage everyone to read the story section on our website to have a better feel about the mod.

Check out the full interview with a few exclusive screenshots from our alpha tests here.
D.I.P.R.I.P. Forums Online
Official D.I.P.R.I.P. Forums are online and availible at the Forums section. We encourage You to register and talk about any topics You find interesting. If You think our forums lack any categories let us know. We'll be grateful for Your feedback. Any ideas and constructive criticism will be most welcome. Until we release a playable version of the mod we can only show content in the Media, Story and About sections. We hope that the already released stuff provides a good insight into our mod and can be a field for discussion.
New Level Media
The maps Media section has been updated with screenshots from the PGR level.
Lately we have been having some problems with our repository server and so our coding work has been slowed down a little. Soon we are planning a major internal alpha test, You can expect some in-game screenshots if the tests run smoothly.
Media Update
We have updated the Media section with some new Hummer model renders.
We can also say that we have a major breakthrough with the vehicle weapon code. Wojtek 'SBrew_Blade' Wozny finally managed to connect different weapon animations with their corresponding weapon code.
D.I.P.R.I.P. Project Online
The D.I.P.R.I.P. project is finally online. After weeks of searching for a server we managed to gather everything together. If You are new to the web site we advise You to first take a look at the About, Story and Media sections. We have some new concept art as well as model renders and map screenshots. Shortly we will be updating the site with Forums. Currently we are working hard with the vehicle net code as well the new vehicle wepons system.

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