Zombie Driver HD now available on the PS3 in Europe

Zombie Driver HD landed on the European PSN today. Japanese version is coming on January 29. More info and comments can be found directly at the PlayStation Blog. We encourage everyone to join the discussion.

Taking this opportunity we would also like to announce the we already have a DLC package coming up to PSN and Steam in mid February. It will feature 2 more cars playable in all game modes and a new arena for the Slaughter mode.

Zombie Driver HD Now Available on the PS3 in North America!

We are very happy to finally be able to tell you that Zombie Driver HD came out on the PlayStation Network in North America today and is coming in January in Europe and Japan. Some of you may remember that we announced the game to be "coming soon" quite a while ago and we'd like to assure you that we spent all that extra time on making sure that the PlayStation 3 version is polished in every detail.

Zombie Driver HD on the PS3 is the first console version of the game rendered in native 1920x1080 resolution with no compromise. We wanted to make sure that the game looks really good in Full HD and a simple "up-scale" of our 2D art was out of the question. Instead we took the extra effort of actually manually re-making all of the HUD elements, character images, cutscene subtitles, etc. to make sure all elements of the game are extra crisp.

Not only that, but we also prepared an exclusive reward on the PS3 for completing the Story Mode. If you like smashing zombies with your car, you're going to enjoy it a lot more with a super fast Drifter super car. It is the fastest car in the game and as soon as it is unlocked, it becomes available in all game modes.


If you aren't convinced yet, be sure to check out the demo on PSN and see you on the rankings boards!

Touchpad controls update for Android version

A major update for Zombie Driver THD is finally available on Google Play! To celebrate the update we have TEMPORARILY DROPPED THE GAME'S PRICE BY 75% - grab it while to offer lasts!

Zombie Driver THD

Based on player feedback we completely re-engineered touch screen controls and vehicle handling. All cars are now much more responsive, the analog stick controls are very precise and respond immediately. We also improved support for some controllers, fixed crashes on some devices and improved a few other things.

The full list of changes is:
- new, improved touch screen controls and car handling!
- analog stick set as the default control mapping (can be changed in the options menu)
- fixed game pad mapping problems
- fixed corrupted data messages when running out of disk space during content download
- improved stability on some devices
- improved voice overs in some missions
- fixed video playback on some devices

ZOMBIE DRIVER THD Released on Google Play!

We are proud to announce that Zombie Driver THD is now available on Google Play for purchase. The mobile Android version is a fully featured counterpart of its console and PC fellows. It includes controller, keyboard, touchscreen support and depending on your mobile device you can even plug it into a TV via HDMI cable to use it as a mobile gaming console for Zombie Driver THD.

All missions, game modes, boss fights and other stuff is included. Thanks to the power of Nvidia Tegra processors the graphics on the Android version are pretty close to the console and PC which you can observe on the screenshot below.

Zombie Driver THD

Zombie Driver THD is available exclusively on NVIDIA Tegra powered devices.

Steam version update

A new update for Zombie Driver HD has just been released on Steam.

Release notes:
* fixed frequent crashes in missions 18 and 25
* added support for direct input gamepads
* added free look camera from original Zombie Driver
* improved explosion decals
* nitro can not be used if charged at less than 5%
* tweaked car vs car damage in Blood race mode

ZOMBIE DRIVER HD Launching today on XBLA and Steam!

The zombie day is now! Zombie Driver HD is available for purchase on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam. Here is the Launch Trailer prepared especially for that occasion showing some of the features included in the game.


All those who already own the original Zombie Driver will be able to get it on Steam at a 50% discount. If you have purchased your copy some place other than Steam we can send you a Steam Unlock Key so every rightful owner will be able to benefit from the discount. To do that simply email us at support@zombiedriver.com with a proof of your purchase and you'll receive a key to unlock the game on Steam. After that you'll be able to purchase Zombie Driver HD at a 50% discount.

In the same time we have to inform that the Release of the Android version for Nvidia Tegra powered devices on Google Play has been moved for the next week. The PS3 version of the game is at the moment going through the last technical finishing touches and we are working to release it as soon as possible.

Since we received some questions about the differences of the old and new HD version here is a short description of the things that we have done for the game in the past 2 years:

The original game had 17 missions - the HD version has 31 missions with much more gameplay variety. In the HD version, there are multiple different objectives like defending against waves of zombies, epic boss fights, spraying anti zombie repellent, driving special vehicles like the military truck, the tank or the bulldozer as well as bombing missions. The city is a lot more alive in this version because there are moving military vehicles, soldiers fighting with zombies or birds feeding on corpses. A bunch of in game cut scenes tell much more about the story than the previous version did. New enemies have been introduced in the form of zombie spawning infected buses, cargo containers or huge mutated mounds of flesh. The game is a lot more focused on using weapons against zombies which improves the pacing. There is a new Mission Select option that allows to play any mission with any already unlocked car, weapon or upgrade. The minimap is also one of the additions that we made to the HD version along with a large city overview map accessible at any time.

To sum things up - the original version of the Story Mode took about 4 hours to finish - the HD version Story mode takes about 8-12h to finish depending on the player. It also includes all DLC plus additional vehicles depending on the platform of your choosing.

L4D Rescue Van

The Blood Race and Slaughter modes have received a face lift with new lighting, weather effects and layout improvements. In these game modes we focused more on game play improvements like the new nitro system. In the original PC version nitro was treated as a weapon and was equipped instead of any other weapon. In Zombie Driver HD nitro is a separate feature and recharges slowly over time. It is also possible to burn zombies with the fire from the nitro exhausts - the best way to create huge combos.

Aside from all the game play enhancements we improved many aspects of how the game looks. Lighting has been changed and is different in all missions. We introduced night missions with dynamic lighting, weather effects like thunderstorms and fog. All special effects like e.g. fire, smoke, explosions have been completely overhauled and are much more complex. We implemented a new blood splat system which covers your car in blood when you drive through zombies. All sound effects have also been reworked, for example - in the old PC version there was only one type of zombie voices - in the HD version all zombie types have different voices. The sound track in the HD version has two times the number of different tracks as the old PC version. Music is now also more dynamic with custom themes triggered during boss fights and other intense moments.

There is also a huge amount of other smaller tweaks, improvements and additions that we've made to the game. All in all it is much different from the original PC release from 2009.

Xbox Avatar Items Released!

The zombies are close... very close... The closer they are, more weird stuff is showing up! Today we have a bunch of Xbox Avatar Items on our hands. View'em, try'em, buy'em, smash'em, kill'em... well... almost! :) Regardless... they are awesome!!! Check'em out under this link.

And here's a little picture of our favourite alien'o-zombi'o-skull protection device:

Zombie Driver HD Helmet

Zombie Driver HD set to launch October 17th

The news that everyone's been waiting for is finally here! Zombie Driver HD is set to release on October 17 on Xbox LIVE® Arcade, Steam and NVIDIA® Tegra® processor-powered Android devices for 800MSP/$9.99/$6.99, respectively. The release of Zombie Driver HD on the PlayStation®Network will follow soon after and will be announced at a later date. We don't want to bore you with tons of text so here is a teaser trailer to wet your appetite:



...and here is a cool picture :)

Zombie Driver XBLA/Steam Release Date

Because We May - Zombie Driver THD trailer

Zombie Driver is now available in the fantastic "Because We May" promotion at the increadibly low price of $1.99 (80% off in all currencies) from May 24th until June 1st. The "Because We May" promotion is an initiative of a brave group of independent developers that celebrates the distribution channels which give developers the freedom to price their games as they like.

We would also like to use this occasion to let you know that we are finally nearing the end of development for Zombie Driver HD for XBLA/PSN and Zombie Driver THD for NVIDIA Tegra powered mobile devices. The base game is now finished, we are just working on the final optimizations, hunting for any last bugs and we should be able to announce the final release date for all the platforms in relatively short time.

We haven't shown a lot of Zombie Driver THD yet so we've created a short trailer demonstrating the game running on an NVIDIA Tegra powered Android device:

We are going to release more information about the game as we move closer to the actual release. We will be showing a few gameplay trailers revealing the new features before the launch date so keep tuning in for more.

Zombie Driver HD release delayed

It has been quite a while since we last posted news about Zombie Driver and many of you have been asking about that. The reason for that silence is very simple - we have been extremely busy with finishing the game, working day and night, to bring Zombie Driver to consoles. The good news is that all this effort goes into making Zombie Driver HD even more fun! At the moment we are putting finishing touches, thoroughly testing and fixing anything that might decrease the pleasure of eradicating hordes of zombies. Here's a little sneak peek showing a new blood-stained car destroying an infected bus:

Zombie Driver HD

Stay tuned, zombies are coming!

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