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Zombie Driver - Indie of the Year

Blood Race expansion pack now available!

Finally the Blood Race is here and available to all players as a free update! The expansion provides a unique gameplay style based on classic, old school, top-down, racing games with a flavor of next-gen, dense action. Blood Race offers the chance to chase other cars and annihilate them without mercy on special racing tracks populated with the zombie horde. Winning events earns loads of cash and the ability to obtain new rides and purchase weapons of zombie mass destruction to become the ultimate leader board champion.

Zombie Driver - Blood Race
       Zombie Driver - Blood Race

The Blood Race update is now available for download here (Steam users receive the update automatically).

For all those that didn't have a chance to purchase Zombie Driver yet, we have a limited time, 50% off, price promotion!

This update was possible thanks to your input and interest in Zombie Driver for which we thank you all! With the latest update the game is at least three times bigger in terms of content and gameplay diversity than the first version released last year. Below you can watch the trailer summarising the whole game and giving a glimpse of the action:

The list of major changes introduced in the Blood Race expansion pack:
- added Blood Race game mode
- added new Muscle Car for the Blood Race mode
- added new Slaughter Train Station map
- added a second car paint for every vehicle (unlockable in Blood Race mode)
- added new vehicle damage system with destructible 3d car parts
- added Polish localization
- new positional sound system
- new improved smart camera with longer view distance and smoother movement
- enhanced car physics to allow full 3d motion e.g. turning over
- added Steam Cloud Support (only on Steam)
- added 17 new Steam achievements for the Blood Race mode (only on Steam)
- added 30 new Steam leaderboards (1 for each Blood Race event) (only on Steam)

Please let us know what you think about the update on the game forums.

Halloween celebration!

Zombies emerge, spirits rise and cars race during our Halloween celebration! For those few days only, there is a great opportunity to acquire your own copy of Zombie Driver with a 50% discount. The promotional, time limited special offer is available on Steam and Gamers Gate. Head on there to check this out and be ready to play as soon as the new Blood Race becomes available!

Zombie Driver - Halloween Sale

New explosive teaser trailer for the upcoming Blood Race expansion!

After several months of work we are proud to announce a short video showcasing the ingame mayhem that is coming with the second free expansion for Zombie Driver called the "Blood Race". This time players will be able to race against other zombie apocalypse survivors in a brutal tournament in which the only rule is survival of the quickest. New exclusively created race tracks are full of destructible elements as well as hordes of zombies that try their best to prevent contestants from finishing the race.

On top of that, thanks to many player votes, Zombie Driver has been nominated for the Racing Game of the Year in the 28th Annual Golden Joystick Awards! Being nominated together with games like the Need For Speed series, Dirt 2, Forza Motorsport 3 and other magnificent titles is a great honour! Voting ends on the 25th so there are only a few more days left. Thank you very much to all who have voted and if you haven't done that yet please do!

Zombie Driver - Golden Joystick

Zombie Driver - Blood Race      Zombie Driver - Blood Race

Zombie Driver - Blood Race      Zombie Driver - Blood Race

Blood Race coming soon!

Today we wanted to give a little sneak peak into the new game mode called the Blood Race. We have mentioned it for some time and now we can confirm that it is coming very soon. It features completely different game mechanics since the goal in this mode will be in general to outrun other cars or... to blow them up! For that matter you will have a collection of Zombie Driver classy cars plus one new addition to the stable! Of course you will be able to use all weapons that you can find and upgrade in the shop.


Gamers Nexus has just started a cool contest in which you can win some really nice games from independent developers including our own Zombie Driver.

One of the ways how you can win this contest is by answering this question in an imaginative way:

Of these characters, who would win in a flamewar and why? (It doesn't have to be long)

a. An explosive firemage who dwells in the town of Torchlight.
b. A zombie-crushing schoolbus armed with flamethrowers and rockets.
c. A scantily-clad thief equipped with flaming arrows and the Trine.
d. A warband of drunken Nords with fire in their eyes.

We are sure that you all know the only true answer to this question so head on over to Gamers Nexus to enter the contest and tell the world how to properly use a zombie-crushing schoolbus armed with flamethrowers and rockets ;)


Steam has just launched a huge summer sale event -  STEAM PERILS OF SUMMER SALE. We have teamed up with the guys from Dejobaan Games, Llamasoft, Black Jacket Studios and Moonpod to create the excellent SUMMER INDIE ACTION PACK.

Now is your chance to buy Zombie Driver, AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, Gridrunner Revolution, Metal Drift and Starscape - all in one great package for just $19.99. That is more than HALF off from the standard price.

Zombie Driver Avatars

Our work on the next big update for Zombie Driver is steadily progressing forward so in the mean time we have added 5 new blood soaking avatars to the Official Steam Community Group. If you'd like to change your image feel free to take your pick. You can get them also in our download section and use as an avatar wherever you like.

Zombie Driver "re-driven" in Thirteen1 magazine

Zombie Driver has been just recently re-reviewed in Thirteen1 - an online magazine for gamers. If you're interested to see what they have to say after our last update check out the latest Thirteen1 issue #26.

As for the update we can already confirm that we are hard at work on an another big piece of content for Zombie Driver. If you'd like to easily track the latest news from Zombie Driver you can join our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter or join the official Zombie Driver Steam Community Group and you'll be notified instantly as soon as the news is available!

Steam Leadearboards on Facebook

We have been recently experimenting with a new way of viewing Steam Leaderboards. As a result we have just launched a beta Facebook application that collects and aggregates all Steam Leaderboards data.


You can now check your own or your friends' online standings directly from within a web browser. We have also added a new feature called Global Leaderboard which sums the points from all maps for an individual player. We are very interested in hearing your feedback about this new idea and how you would like us to improve, expand or change any features. Head on over to our forums and let us know what you think.

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