Zombie Driver HD announced!

Today, almost exactly two years after Zombie Driver has been announced for the PC, we are again proud to spread the big news. A new and greatly enhanced version of the game called Zombie Driver HD is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Tegra 2 powered mobile devices.

The game has been vastly expanded, improved and super polished for the console audience. Zombie Driver HD features a more varied narrative campaign that is twice as long as the original PC version, adding epic boss fights, demolition missions, new enemies and special vehicles such as a fire truck, bulldozer and even a tank, as well as many more gameplay enhancements... The gameplay mechanics have received a new round of polish by introducing an improved camera system, a recharging afterburner that will help you get out of tough spots and a minimap that will guide you through a labyrinth of zombie filled streets.

Besides the expanded story mode Zombie Driver HD features game modes well know from its PC predecessor such as the Blood Race and Slaughter mode. Blood Race mode is full of insane cars, guns, explosions and obviously... racing... in three distinct game types that will satisfy all reckless driving fans. Of course a real zombie game couldn't go out without some arena survival action and that's where the Slaughter mode comes in by putting the player in a desperate fight against endless zombie waves on specially crafted arenas. On top of that Zombie Driver HD includes all of the DCL known from the PC version plus an additional exclusive car!

If you'd like to see what we mean, check out this brand new Zombie Driver HD Announcement trailer which gives a small taste of what we've prepared:

Thanks to the joint efforts of EXOR Studios and the Cyberfront Corporation Zombie Driver HD is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Tegra 2 powered mobile devices in late 2011.

The Summer of Slaughter DLC available for purchase on Steam!

After a hot Summer Sale, for those who haven't redeemed the obviously ultimate camp prize, the Summer of Slaughter DLC is now available for purchase. The DLC is available exclusively on Steam. This piece of content delivers a completely new arena for the Slaughter mode. It is located on a sunny beach infected by the zombie menace so head on to Steam and grab a bite!

Zombie Driver Summer of SLaughter

The Summer of Slaughter

The Steam Summer Camp Sale is on and there are prizes to be won! One of those prizes being an all new map for Zombie Driver's Slaughter mode.

Ever wanted to chill out on a warm sandy beach, with lush palm trees, calming blue waves… and a horde of brain hungry zombies? Here's your chance - Zombie Driver Summer of Slaughter DLC contains the new Paradise Island Slaughter map. Check out this video to see what we mean:

Head on over to Steam to read the instructions for the promotion and have fun! And if you don't have Zombie Driver yet, its 66% OFF for the duration of the Sale...

Zombie Driver coming to stores in France

We are proud to announce that Zombie Driver will soon be landing on retail shelves in France and we have a special message for all our French speaking fans:

"L'ultime Zombie Driver débarquera bientôt en rayons et en français! Rejoignez vite la communauté francophone désormais présente sur la page officielle !

Tous en piste avec une version compléte comprenant le mode Histoire, Course Sanglante et Abattoir! Choisissez parmi 8 voitures entièrement améliorables et ècrasez du zombie! D'autres surprises renversantes suivront ! !"

Zombie Driver invading the British isles on Friday the 13th

Zombie Driver is invading the British isles on Friday the 13th, this May.

Thanks to our partners from Excalibur Publishing Zombie Driver will soon be available on PC-DVD ROM in retail stores in the UK and other territories. The boxed release also comes with an awesome "I am a Zombie Driver" window sticker. For a free sticker email your name, address and blood group (optional) to our Undead Services Department at zombie@excalibur-publishing.com

Merchandise shop now officially open!

Winter is still holding up strong and while many parts of the world are covered under a disgusting, white, weather anomaly called snow, we have some black/red stuff to ease the suffering. The 2011 fashion season is now officially open and the Zombie Driver merchandise shop is ready to take your orders! Be sure to select the region that is closest to your physical location since shipping costs and currency depend on the chosen shop. The whole apparel shop thingy is handled by Spreadshirt - a company with years of experience in this field so you can be sure that the quality is excellent.

Zombie Driver merchandise shop

The development team especially recommends the Zombie Driver red skull t-shirts which in real life look really bad ass! Very stylish for any kind of street riots!

Zombie Driver awarded the Top 10 Indie Game of the Year!

We are proud to announce that Zombie Driver has made it to the Top 10 in the 2010 Indie of the Year Awards in the Players Choice category and took the 10th place. We want to thank everyone who voted for Zombie Driver in the competition and it is an honour to be mentioned in the Top 10 along with other great indie titles. The Players Choice category is especially dear to us as it comes directly from the entire community of gamers and shows the support that we have been receiving all of the time since Zombie Driver's release.

Zombie Driver - Indie of the Year

Indie Fright Pack!

It seems that all of you have been very good this year so Santa brought really generous presents! During this Holiday time you get to purchase awesome games in large quantities for bulk prices. As always independent game developers help to create miracles, unite under one banner and deliver great gifts through the hands of Santa Steam.

Behold the great Indie Fright Pack!

Zombie Driver - Indie Fright Pack

It includes 5 AWESOME GAMES for less than the price of one so we can not call it anything else than a gift. It is also a good deed because you can put some zombies out of their misery!

The Great Steam Treasure Hunt!

The Great Steam Treasure Hunt is here and with it a unique opportunity to purchase Zombie Driver with an insane price discount! Besides that if you complete the treasure hunting objective in the game (which of course consists of killing zombies) you get an opportunity to win hefty prizes along with The Ultimate Treasure Chest granting you

100 games of your choosing!

Be sure to hurry and head on to Steam right away because this marevelous opportunity will last

only for 48 hours!

Zombie Driver - Steam Treasure Hunt

A Holiday present for all Zombie Driver fans!

Holiday time is coming and with it, lots of presents, christmas trees, snow and of course... zombies! To celebrate that special time we have a gift for you all in the form of a self-unwrapping, automated, shiny new update. Some say that this is the time when animals talk with a human voice... well... we are not sure about that... but instead we are dead certain that with this update you can hear the characters in Zombie Driver speak! The voice over was created by Tori Kamal and Sara B. Moore for which they should be thanked. On top of that, the update features text localization for German, French, Italian, Spanish and some small tweaks and fixes.

Besides this good news, we are proud to finally see the Polish box version of Zombie Driver on the shelves. If you've been waiting for that moment, don't hesitate to run to the store... before Santa fixes(???) his ride!

Zombie Driver - Where did Santa go?

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