Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition for XBox One Released!

We are proud to present Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition - published through the ID@XBOX program, exclusively on the Xbox One. Ultimate Edition includes all of the downloadable content that was ever created for the game, plus a new pack of car skins that hasn't been released on any other platform. We didn't want to just throw the extra DLC into the package so we've modified the Blood Race campaign to include the additional cars as rewards for winning the tournaments. The game now features 31 story missions, 36 Blood Race events, 9 Slaughter arenas and 15 drivable vehicles.

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition

We've more than doubled the number of zombies roaming the streets. To even the odds of survival we've also placed a lot more weapons around the city which results in much more dynamic gameplay. You've probably noticed the improved graphics on the above screenhots. We've overhauled scene lighting, added soft ambient occlusion shadows (HBAO) and added a few extra touches like depth fog, environment reflections, new animated objects, increased texture resolution, improved particle animation or physically simulated particles. We also made one more pass on all of the missions to improve their atmosphere and add one more layer of polish.

By popular demand we've introduced a new "Retro" camera setting which presents gameplay from an entirely top-down perspective with no camera rotation.

This is the best, biggest and most feature rich version of Zombie Driver ever released. We hope you will like it. See you on the leaderboards!


Zombie Driver HD disappearing from XBLA, 500 000 copies sold!

We're sad to inform that due to the liquidation process of our Japanese XBLA publisher - the Cyberfront Corporation, Zombie Driver HD will be temporarily taken down from sale on XBLA worldwide and PSN in Japan at the end of January. The game will function without any interruption for everyone who has bought it before that date. 


Zombie Driver HD will continue to be available without interruption on all platforms where EXOR Studios was independently self-publishing the game including: Steam, the PlayStation® Network (in all countries except Japan), Windows Store, OUYA and others. We are already working with Sony in Japan to re-release the game so it should return shortly. The situation on XBLA is somewhat more difficult because due to Microsoft's policies we are not able to self-publish the game on the Xbox 360 even though it has passed all certification stages, requirements, etc. XBLA on the Xbox 360 is the last platform where it's not possible to release a game on our own and from the perspective of a small independent studio, it looks a bit like a remnant of the Cold War in comparison to the other platforms. Thankfully Microsoft is moving forward with the Xbox One and we are already in the ID@XBOX program. We're looking forward to see if we would be allowed to release Zombie Driver on the Xbox One with new improvements for the next generation :) Meanwhile we are already working on finding a new publishing partner for the Xbox 360 and hope to announce the game's re-release on XBLA as soon as possible.


That being said we still have a lot of XBLA keys left for Zombie Driver HD and we'll be giving them away on the EXOR Studios Facebook page. Head on over there as we'll be posting them through the next few days until the game disappears from the marketplace and if you like the game, remember to tell your friends that it will be still available for purchase on the remaining platforms.


So far Zombie Driver has sold over half a million copies since December 2009, counting all releases and platforms including PC, XBLA, PSN, Google Play, OUYA and boxed versions in 58 countries around the world. It has been a big success for our studio and we thank you very much for buying the game and supporting us! Zombie Driver is still going strong and it allows us to work in peace on our next game. We aren't ready to announce the new new game yet, but we can already say that it's very different from Zombie Driver.

We'll keep you informed on the situation as it develops.

Tropical Race Rage DLC Released

It's time to race in the tropics in the new DLC expansion for Zombie Driver HD called the Tropical Race Rage.

Zombie Driver HD Tropical Race Rage

The DLC adds a new Tropical Tournament to the game's Blood Race mode. It includes six events on an island resort filled with zombies, ancient ruins and a secret drug cartel plantation. Players can also take advantage of the new six wheel Military Truck available and upgradeable in all game modes as well as extra car paints for the Bus and Sports Car.

Zombie Driver HD Tropical Race Rage Trailer:

The Tropical Race Rage DLC is now available on Steam and XBLA for $2.99 and will be coming to the PSN in early October.

Zombie Driver HD available on OUYA!

We are proud to announce that Zombie Driver HD is now available on the OUYA console for a low price of $4.99. The OUYA release includes the same amount of content as its Xbox360/PS3/PC counterparts and has been customized for the OUYA controller.

The game has received full console treatment and can be enjoyed without compromise on the gameplay quality.

Zombie Driver HD

Zombie Driver THD for Tegra 4

A big update for Zombie Driver THD on Android is now available! The game has been optimized for the new NVIDIA Shield and the Tegra 4. Thanks to the power of the Tegra 4 chip the game received supercharged graphics as well as improved gameplay with a lot more zombies to squash and controls fine tuned specifically for the precise SHIELD input. A launch trailer with actual Tegra 4 footage is now available:

Zombie Driver THD - SHIELD Launch Trailer:


The new Tegra 4 enhanced features include: real time projected shadows, uniform phong shading with custom per object specular masks, improved water shaders, higher polygon count models (identical to the PC/Console version of the game), higher resolution textures, different day/night conditions, improved blood splat shaders on cars and last but not least - more zombies!

A picture is worth a thousand words so there is also a comparison video showing Zombie Driver THD with and without the new features:


The new enhanced features are available as an update to Zombie Driver THD on Google Play. Players who already own Zombie Driver THD are able to simply download the game directly to their SHIELD device.

Game Update and Apocalypse Pack DLC released on XBLA!

The long awaited game update and Apocalypse Pack DLC for Zombie Driver HD has finally arrived on XBLA.

The new update fixes screen tearing issues that some people have been experiencing and improves frame rate which makes squashing zombies super smooth. The patch also fixes a number of smaller issues.

The Apocalypse Pack includes two awesome cars available in all game modes, plus an extra Slaughter Mode map - the Military Base.


Zombie Driver HD - Apocalypse Pack

Zombie Driver HD in the Indie Gala Bundle!

We would like to announce that the Steam version of Zombie Driver HD has been included in the Indie Gala Bundle along with titles like Mass Effect 2, Shank 2, Shadowgrounds and others. If you still haven't got a copy of the game now it's the time to get it in the "Pay What You Want" model.

Zombie Driver HD - Indiegala

Besides that, part of your money goes to support a noble cause and if you reach the minimum price you also get the latest DLC and Soundtrack from the game! This is a limited time offer so be sure not to miss out on this.

Apocalypse Pack DLC Released

Hey everyone. As promised earlier we are releasing a fresh pack of content for Zombie Driver HD this week. It is called the Apocalypse Pack and it includes two awesome cars available in all game modes, plus an extra Slaughter Mode map - the Military Base.

Both of the new cars are guest appearances from our earlier project - D.I.P.R.I.P., which was a multi player car combat game released in 2008 as a free Source Engine mod. The first of the two is called the "Chaos 126p" and it's a small and nimble monster truck (as far as monster trucks can be small, anyway). It's very fast and handles incredibly well in tight corners. The second one is a huge custom made truck with jet engine exhausts called the "Auroch". It can ram through anything on it's path, has lot's of nitro and can carry up to 8 passengers in the Story Mode.

The Military Base Slaughter mode map is one of the larger levels and as the name implies it's a based in an abandoned army depot. If Slaughter Mode was about ice skating I could say that it's the perfect place for making beautiful loops in harmony with soul touching music, but fortunately it's not so you can exchange loops for insanely long combos and soul touching music for the sound of metal ploughing through hundreds of zombies.

I know that everyone likes pictures so we created a short trailer for you that presents the new content:

The DLC is already available on Steam and PlayStation 3. It will be coming also for the Xbox 360 at a later date, but along with a patch which fixes screen tearing that some of you have been noticing.

Zombie Driver HD now available on the PS3 in Europe

Zombie Driver HD landed on the European PSN today. Japanese version is coming on January 29. More info and comments can be found directly at the PlayStation Blog. We encourage everyone to join the discussion.

Taking this opportunity we would also like to announce the we already have a DLC package coming up to PSN and Steam in mid February. It will feature 2 more cars playable in all game modes and a new arena for the Slaughter mode.

Zombie Driver HD Now Available on the PS3 in North America!

We are very happy to finally be able to tell you that Zombie Driver HD came out on the PlayStation Network in North America today and is coming in January in Europe and Japan. Some of you may remember that we announced the game to be "coming soon" quite a while ago and we'd like to assure you that we spent all that extra time on making sure that the PlayStation 3 version is polished in every detail.

Zombie Driver HD on the PS3 is the first console version of the game rendered in native 1920x1080 resolution with no compromise. We wanted to make sure that the game looks really good in Full HD and a simple "up-scale" of our 2D art was out of the question. Instead we took the extra effort of actually manually re-making all of the HUD elements, character images, cutscene subtitles, etc. to make sure all elements of the game are extra crisp.

Not only that, but we also prepared an exclusive reward on the PS3 for completing the Story Mode. If you like smashing zombies with your car, you're going to enjoy it a lot more with a super fast Drifter super car. It is the fastest car in the game and as soon as it is unlocked, it becomes available in all game modes.


If you aren't convinced yet, be sure to check out the demo on PSN and see you on the rankings boards!

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