Zombie Driver Patch 1.1.4 released

A new patch that addresses the most common game stability issues as well as a few minor improvements is now available for download (Steam users receive the update automatically).

Change log for version 1.1.4
- improved HUD and menu text readability
- small menu layout fixes
- added build version info in main menu
- updated particles library to a newer version (improved game stability)

Change log for version 1.1.3
- improved game stability on some system configurations
- added support for non-english letters in Twitter messages

Change log for version 1.1.2
- fixed car selection in story mode

Slaughter mode now available!

Is it possible to get free DLC for a 10 dollar game? Hardly... So how about free DLC for a 5 dollar game!?!

We are proud to announce a 50/50 one week special offer for Zombie Driver on www.zombiedriver.com, Steam, Direct2Drive, GamersGate and Impulse. 50% more gameplay for a 50% lower price. Along with a 50% price drop, we introduced a completely new game mode called "Slaughter". The update is available for free to all gamers that have already bought the game as well as to new players.

It features new arena based gameplay where the player is meant to survive for as long as possible from the incoming hordes of zombies while using weapons and his car on one of the 5 available specially crafted arenas. Exclusively for Steam users the game features online leaderboards and a handfull of 21 new achievements to unlock. On top of that Zombie Driver has been integrated with Tweeter and Facebook so if you have an account on either of those you can easily post your score on your blog or wall directly from the game. Check out the new video trailer showing some of the new features in action:

New Slaughter game mode features:
- Fight endless waves of zombies to achieve the highest score possible
- 5 unlockable arenas with different environmental effects
* Harbor - sunny midday
* City Center - foggy noon
* Park - warm dusk
* Midtown - night with projected headlights
* Suburbs - early dawn
- Upgrade your car on the fly
- Post your high scores to Twitter and Facebook directly from the game

Slaughter mode map screenshots

The "Slaughter" update is now almost ready and will be coming early next week. We haven't posted any new media in some time so we prepared a few screenshots of the new maps that will be in the update.



All of the new maps have different lighting conditions that create a unique mood. We have also included one arena in pitch black night setting with dynamic projected car headlights known from the Darkness mod. You can also notice an improved combo system that now includes car explosion kills as well as fat zombie kills. There is also a huge list of other new features coming which we will list as soon as the update goes live.

Slaughter mode achievements

As some have already noticed there is a batch of new Steam Achievements visible on the Zombie Driver's Steam gameplay stats page. They are not available in the game yet, but they are a good sign that we are very close to releasing the update.

There are 21 new achievements coming to be exact. Most of them have been created specifically for the Slaughter mode, but there are some that will be available in both Story and Slaughter. You can view the full list of achievements with their descriptions on the Steam Community page.

More news about the coming update will be announced soon so stay tuned.

Zombie Driver Original Soundtrack free for download

The Original Soundtrack from Zombie Driver is now available for download from our site. It includes all in-game, menu and trailer music that was created for Zombie Driver. Also, it would be nice if you could leave a few comments for Pawel about the music. We are sure he'd love to hear the feedback.

Demo and Patch 1.0.6 available, new game mode announced

We have just released a demo of Zombie Driver for all those that haven't had their chance to drive through the masses of brainless undead. The demo features the first 3 levels of the story mode.

We have also started work on a new Survival game mode that will soon be released as free DLC. Players' skills will be tested against waves of zombies on a new set of specially crafted arenas. The new game mode will be accompanied with Steam online leaderboards and achievements. Further game play details will be revealed soon.

Along with the demo we have released a new patch that fixes several technical issues.
Change log for version 1.0.6
- updated shaders to support most Intel 900 & 950 series graphics cards
- fixed problems with some unique combinations of special characters for user installation path in Windows

Change log for version 1.0.5
- fixed startup crash bug with diacritical signs (special characters) for user installation path in Windows
- added memory dump logging after each crash

Patch 1.0.5 progress

Today we would like to inform that we are working on the next patch that will fix the problems with Sound Blaster sound cards that some users are experiencing. The previous patch unfortunately didn't fix all of the problems. This is the main thing that we are focusing now and we will deliver a fix as soon as possible. Until the patch is available you may try to switch to a different sound card if possible.

The other issue that was discovered is the use of diacritical signs (special characters) for user names in Windows. If your Windows account uses special characters like umlauts or acute accents you can temporalily switch to a different Windows account to play the game. This problem is also being fixed and will be available in the next patch.

As soon as the fixes are available we will be working on the new game modes that will be available as a free downloadable content. Thank you for all the feedback on our forums! We are reading the posts and we will try to incorporate your ideas into the game.

Patch 1.0.4 released

The first patch for the game has just been released on Steam and is also available in the downloads section. Steam users will get the update automatically and all others can use the installer.

Change log for version 1.0.4
- Added game pad support
- Added two new camera modes - "static" and "free look"
- Added Pixel Shader 2.0 support (fixed white textures problem)
- Improved performance on low end graphics cards
- New graphics options for low end systems
- Fixed a few misc start up crashes
- Fixed some sound card compatibility issues

Please let us know what you think about the new camera modes on the forums. We hope that it will fix some motion sickness that some users are experiencing.

Along with the patch update here is a new video to enjoy for the ones that still haven't played the game:


Darkness Mod

While we are working on the patch (which should be available very soon now) you can check out the new darkness mod along with the basic modding guide available in our modding section. Here are some screens from the mod:




As you can see the lighting hes been completely changed. It gives a quite different feel to the game and makes it much more difficult. It is also an example of how you can create and distribute your own mods. The zip file with a mod simply needs to be placed in the Packs folder and you just have to edit one line in the config file as explained in the mods section.

In the near future we will add even better support for mods so you will be able to choose a mod from the menu without editing any files! We will be expanding the mods section with new mods, guides and examples so stay tuned!

We have already noticed some cool mods from the community! Keep up the good work!

Post release support

We have started to work on the issues that have been reported on our forums or sent to our support email (support@zombiedriver.com). The main things that we are currently working on are:

- camera movement to eliminate motion sickness that some people are experiencing
- customizable controls including support for gaming pads
- graphics options to improve performance on low end machines (soft shadows, clouds, bloom etc.)
- pixel shader 2.0 support to eliminate the so called "white texture problem" or "brightness problem"
- fixing problems with running the game on some rare hardware configurations
- some startup crash problems

We are working hard and will try to deliver a patch as soon as possible so everyone can enjoy the game to its fullest.

We have already noticed that some people are modding Zombie Driver. In the upcoming days you can expect some guides to help you with that. We will try to explain what you can do, where to find things and how to easily mod Zombie Driver so stay tuned!


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