Zombie Driver is now available!

Today the long wait has ended and finally you can get Zombie Driver and start playing. Here are some screenshots below on which you can see the bus, double railguns and some heavy rocket launcher action:





Zombie Driver available for pre-purchase.

If you want to save some money pre-purchase Zombie Driver now and it will cost you 10% less! You can already do that on Steam and GamersGate. We hope that we can add more partners in the near future so you can download it from your favourite location. The Steam version comes with 12 achievements so head on there now if you like collecting them :)

If you still aren't sure about pre-purchasing check out this new gameplay video.



Zombie Driver is coming on 4th of December

We have partnered with Steam, GamersGate and Akella to bring the game to the players worldwide. We hope that with its unique, oldschool, car driving gameplay style it will be an alternative for all other zombie themed games. We have taken into account regional differences (which has been mentioned on the forums many times) and the game will be priced accordingly: 9.95 dollars, 8.95 euro and 7.95 pounds in digital distribution.

Retail distribution in Russia and surrounding territories will be handled by Akella. The game will be localized and released with prices appropriate for players in this region. Further retail distribution partners and other territories will be announced soon. Below you can find some new screenshots featuring the police car, double rocket luncher, combo system and some mission dialogs.



Zombie Driver announced!

Today we are proud to announce that for some time we have been working in our secret lab on a new game. As you might have already noticed the big header above, the game is called Zombie Driver. As the name suggests there are zombies and there is driving in the game. The goal is to rescue survivors from a zombie infested city... No it's not just an excuse for killing innocent zombies! Well... maybe it is... :) but they are not innocent, they are zombies and they are evil!!!

To help you with the task you will have a number of fully upgradeable and totally different vehicles to choose from, plus a variety of weapons from miniguns to double mounted railguns. You can check out the screenshots in our media gallery and watch this short debut trailer featuring a zombie city "rescue mission" :)

A bit more info about Zombie Driver can be found in the about section and we would be more then happy to hear what you think about the game, please let us know at our forums. We are reading all comments so if you have some ideas or things that you would want to see in the game please let us know!

More info and media will be coming soon...

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